In the beginning of the sitting I would ask You to briefly inform me about Your main issue or Your issues, if there are more than one. In the case of soul or psychological problems, the healing would probably mainly be a life counselling - one form of treatment can merge into the other here.

According to the circumstances I would then decide, whether or not I would use a tool and then, which one/ ones I would use, and then I would begin with the healing.

The method of healing is purely spiritual and mind work, despite of this resulting in real physical effects, while I am working from a slightly shifted state of consciousness. If I use tools, this would be things like a pendulum, feathers, ... maybe also something like a drum.

Also a single sitting, no matter if life counselling or healing, is aiming at being of immediate and concrete help.

What I DON'T do:

  • In principle I do not work with methods such as hypnosis, regression or the like.
  • In cases of extreme physical or psychological situations such as f. ex. acute psychotic conditions please contact a physician or a psychiatrist.

Further information:

The sitting can be held by computer, smartphone (Skype or ZOOM) or simply by telephone.

It is possible, that You are tired after the sitting - please do not make plans for any activities afterwards, but rather give Yourself a rest or sleep.

Fee per sitting (about 45 - 60 min.): 120,00 €

(no added value tax because of Kleinunternehmerregelung, § 19 UStG)

Contact and Booking

To book a sitting or to speak to me for further information, please click here. You there have access to, besides my normal contact data, a contact form and a booking system containing Paypal (or prepayment).