About me and my work

My name is Tina Alexandra Heydenreich, I was born in Düsseldorf, Deutschland, and I work as a Weiße Hexe (white witch).

Probably You are not quite familiar with someone, who seriously calls herself a witch, but that's in fact exactly what my work is about. I am not a member of any kind of order or organization - I work completely free. The only rules I accept are those, I myself put on me, which are based on the values I developed in life.

This also hints to the fact, that in this profession, which actually is more a vocation than a profession - it's nothing You can really choose - the whole human being is involved with all its faculties, likings and talents and the whole personality. There is no sharp line between profession and private life, work situation or hobbies.

Both scopes I offer, life counselling and healing, can be very close together depending on the specific toppic as one can imagine, especially in cases of psychological and soul issues.

I also offer healing for substantial body issues, which sure also often is closely related to life situation and habits, but not always - this is very individual.

The setting of a life counselling sitting is a normal conversation. Someone, who would listen to it and not know, that I work from a sligthly shifted state of consciousness would probably not even realize it. During a healing session I am in the same or a similar state of consciousness, just with the difference that I then most of the time work in silence.

Also a single sitting, no matter if life counselling or healing, is aiming at being of immediate and concrete help. If You have several issues or want to go deeper, it may be economic to book two or more sittings at once, because then I can offer it with a sales discount because of less administration effort. We can also be flexible to mix life counselling and healing.

In any case I am looking forward to help You to bring the sun back into Your life.